Audit Australia Pty Ltd (AAPL)

The company was formed in response to the ever increasing demand for quality audits across all areas of the community including audits for sporting clubs, incorporated bodies, trust accounts for real estate agents, accountants, motor vehicle traders and law practices. Audits for gaming clubs, P & C associations and Self Managed Superannuation Funds.

Since the company's inception we have now grown to focus solely on the audit of Self Managed Superannuation Funds and Trust Accounts.

Only qualified staff carry out audits, no trainees, no cadets, just qualified and experienced auditors. All work is completed and handled here in Australia, we do not outsource any part of our work overseas. At Audit Australia we pride ourselves on our quality of service, prompt turnaround and realistic fee structure.

If you need to engage an auditor or just want to test the market in relation to fees, then why not contact us for a no obligation free quote - it won't cost anything to ask and it might just save you money.


Lee Dyball

A little too busy to write anything about himself, he lets his work speak for itself. Visit me on LinkedIn

David Dyball

David is currently working at Audit Australia whilst studying his degree in Accounting & I.T. David assists with the day to day running of the business, including compiling documents so they are ready for audit, ensuring the website is running smoothly and maintaining office equipment. He also works on implementing new systems and writing procedures for smooth office flow. Visit me on LinkedIn

A Little Bit More

Local Sports

Audit Australia are proud to support the Maryborough TenPin Bowl with both David and Lee playing on the Tuesday night league and Lee also participating in the Wednesday league. The staff at the alley are very friendly and happy to give you a few tips when you need them. The atmosphere is also brilliant! Very nice and relaxing after a long day's work.

EVE Online

The employees of Audit Australia are also members of 'Dybcon Interstellar Enterprises', a corporation dedicated to mining asteroids and creating weapon systems for spaceships. This of course happens in New Eden, via a portal called EVE Online (I refrain from calling it a 'game' as when you have experienced this universe you will see it is much, much more!). We would love to see more people out in space! So come and get involved.