Self Managed Superannuation Fund Fee Structure

Description Price
First year fund with investments limited to Listed Shares, Widely Held Listed Unit Trusts, Cash and Managed Funds.
  • Less than 15 bank account transactions.
$250.00 + GST
Investments limited to Listed Shares, Widely Held Listed Unit Trusts, Cash and Managed Funds.
  • Up to 45 bank account transactions.
$350.00 + GST
Investments limited to Real Estate, Listed Shares, Widely Held Listed Unit Trusts, Cash and Managed Funds.
  • Up to 60 bank account transactions.
$400.00 + GST
Funds with other investments including Loans, Limited Recourse Borrowing, Artwork, Gem Stones, Gold, Silver and other Exotic Investments.
  • In excess of 60 bank account transactions.
$500.00 + GST

Why Choose Us?

At Audit Australia we have addressed all your needs for using our services:

  • Auditor Independance - by sending your super audits to us you are guaranteed auditor independence.
  • Open Communication - by communicating with you throughout the audit process you stay informed of the progress of your audits.
  • Professional, Friendly Service & Advice - our professional friendly advice can assist you in preparing for your audits and the administration of your funds.
  • High Quality Audit Programs - our audit programs are constantly reviewed and updated to ensure high quality audit results every time.
  • Honesty & Integrity - our commitment to you is honesty and integrity in all of our dealing with you.
  • Fast Efficient Service - a 7 day turnaround on most self managed superannuation fund audits.
  • Competitive Fee Structure - our 4 tiered fee structure is detailed below with audits ranging from $250 + GST to $500 + GST.
  • Australia Wide Service - we carry out all self managed superannuation fund audits here in Australia and accept your files by our secure online portal, e-mail, CD, flash drive and posted hard copy.

What We Need

In order to complete your audit fast please have these files ready to send through to us.

  • Trust Deed of Fund
  • Investment Strategy & Minutes
  • Financial Statements & Member Statements
  • Bank Statements
  • Term Deposit Statements (if applicable)
  • Managed Fund Statements (if applicable)
  • Dividend & Holding Statements (if applicable)
  • Property Title Search & Purchase Contract (if applicable)
  • Rental Statments & Lease Agreement (if applicable)
  • Change in Market Value & Profit at Market Value Calculations
  • Capital Gains Tax Calculation & Supporting Documentation (if applicable)
  • Invoices/Receipts Evidencing Payments
  • General Ledger
  • Actuarial Certificate (if applicable)
  • Income Tax Return & Calculation
  • Contact Details of Contributing Employers (if applicable)
  • Any other relevant information / workpapers

Let's Get Started

If you are happy with our fee structure and have all your documents ready to be audited we can get started! This is how it's done:

  • Complete the Audit Request form below.
  • From the information on the form we will issue letters for you to sign and return to us.
  • Upon receipt of the signed letters we will request documents from you in order to complete the audit.
  • Once we have recieved all documentation we will begin the audit, it should then be complete within 7 business days(you will be informed if we require more time.)
  • SMSF Audit Request Form

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  • Administration

  • Name of the Accounting firm.
  • Name of whom to contact regarding the audit.
  • Phone number of the contact.
  • Proper format "".
  • Fund Details

  • Complete name of the fund.
  • Full ABN with no spaces.
  • Financial year being audited.
  • Please advise us if there is any due date for the audit.
  • Full ACN with no spaces
  • Address of Trustees.